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19 Jan 2009
Copy/Paste from Wikipedia
Copying from Wikipedia to a Wikia wiki is permissible because both use the same license. However, it is necessary to include the proper acknowledgement so that readers can refer to the original and discover its authors.
Add {{wikipedia|article name}} to the bottom of any page with pasted information from Wikipedia.
This should be temporary, as we want the articles to differ from Wikipedia's articles as we go much deeper into one subject, that Wikipedia may only have a two line article for.
15 Jan 2009
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UK Hardcore is a broad term to describe the evolved United Kingdom rave hardcore lineage 4/4-kick drum fuelled sound, which emerged there around the start of the 21st century. Encompassing numerous styles and influences, UK Hardcore has a fresh, modern edge to it, often using the latest synthesizers and equipment. Be it a vocal track or an instrumental this current style is a difficult sound to categorise as each of the key DJs and record labels have developed their own sound and approach to this genre.

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